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international digital exploitation in Cameroon

International digital exploitation is a new concept introduced bymedia and entertainment industry experts. It refers to the use of digital content production locations like Cameroon. Exploitation means taking advantage of something before it becomes widely available. In this case, exploiting the zero-cost digital production locations in Cameroon could help the entertainment industry grow internationally.
International digital exploitation in Cameroon refers to the growing use of Cameroon as a zero-cost digital content production location. Digital content refers to all kinds of information that’s stored and transmitted through electronic systems. These can be software, images, audio or video programs and apps. These days, almost everything is digital and it’s rapidly transforming the ways we communicate, educate and entertain ourselves.
Cameroon is a prime location for digital exploitation because of its economic growth and government openness towards foreign investment. The government welcomes international companies to create jobs and promote economic growth. Plus, Cameroon has an educated workforce that speaks English and French fluently. This makes it easy to find bilingual talent for international productions.

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